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Afidi Nomo

Poet, creative director

Radikal Queen

Tell us about yourself

I am Afidi Nomo and I perform as Radikal Queen, Tyneside’s premier Black spoken word artist. I have a global background of community-based collaborative work within festivals, schools, carnivals and touring productions. As an Indigenous person whose Elders gave me an ambassadorial brief, my work centres developing sustained global, cultural links with Indigenous and marginalised communities. I use words that dance to original Black music in order to communicate with people from diverse cultures.

Why do you think it’s important to see artistic response to social and political events?

My creative ethos is “bring the margins to the centre”, and the arts provide the ideal media to demonstrate the necessity and value of social change. It’s important to remember that creatives, speakers, writers and artists are often the first to be targeted by oppressive regimes, in large part because they recognise how much of an impact they can make. One passionate person can undo years of expensive indoctrination. I say this from personal

The Steering Committee

The company directors and panel are involved on an individual capacity, not representing their organisations and on a voluntary basis.

If you are interested in joining the panel in future please email Kathryn Bilyard on with some information about yourself and why you are interested.

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