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Dimity Nicholls

Executive Director

Fevered Sleep

Tell us about yourself

Since doing a fine art degree where I focused on painting and installation, I’ve mainly worked in communities on artist-led participatory programmes. I’ve worked in gallery and community settings, including managing Redlees Studios, as an arts & events officer for Hounslow, and as Education Director at Cubitt. I’m now with Fevered Sleep, helping make stuff happen in performance and dance, film, print and digital projects, in all kinds of spaces, including care homes, schools, pop-up shops and arts venues. 

What excites you about being part of the ARTCRY panel?

Having spent most of my career trying to raise money, I’m really excited to be on the other side of the process, to learn more about helping others to realise their vision. I love that ARTCRY acts quickly, enabling an immediacy that can be responsive to our fast changing and messy social and political environment.

What components would your dream application have?

Urgency; emotion; solid planning; collaboration; relevance; energy; kindness and a consideration of the wellbeing of all those involved.

The Steering Committee

The company directors and panel are involved on an individual capacity, not representing their organisations and on a voluntary basis.

If you are interested in joining the panel in future please email Kathryn Bilyard on with some information about yourself and why you are interested.

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