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ARTCRY aims to encourage artists to create bold political work, with fast-turnaround funding to enable fast action. 

Our Values

We are interested in funding work which

Opens up or provokes dialogue and doesn’t close it down

Can startle people with a new perspective

Asks audiences to think more deeply

Strives to make an impact

Respects difference

Can be presented in the public realm, with a spirit of openness and accessibility at its core.

There are only two set criteria in addition to our values above


The work is time-critical

The reason that ARTCRY exists is to encourage artists to make work which responds to events happening now. We will give responses within a week so that you can get started on your work and get it out there into the world more quickly. Any work funded must require an immediate start which would count out more traditional funding options.

All work must be presented for free in the public realm

This could be on the streets, in a public space or digitally. This does not mean it only has to be shown in this context, but that is the part we are interested in funding.

Important things to note

You can apply for £2,500 as a maximum grant. There is no minimum amount you can apply for. 

There is also a £200 micro-grant which was created through £5 donations during our crowd funding campaign. The form is the same but with lower word counts. 

We use the word artist in the broadest sense

– if you have a brilliant creative idea and a creative practice we want to hear from you. If you think you probably aren't the person we want to hear from then you probably are. Please apply. 

We want to challenge a risk-averse culture.

If you are trying something new or are taking a risk and would like additional support then we will connect you to Risks, Rights and Reputations committee from What Next, who can offer advice and support.

We want the process of applying to and working with ARTCRY to be as accessible as possible to D/deaf, disabled and neurodivergent artists and will be designing the application process to support that. If we could add anything or change anything to improve this please let us know on kathryn@artcry.co.uk.

We will support and connect successful applicants where possible to amplify and platform their work. So do put in the application if there are areas of support you need to make it happen! 

We will run monthly Office Hours to talk about the fund, learn from those applying and answer questions. Follow us on social media or subscribe to hear about these. 

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