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Sara Sjölund

Producer, editor


Tell us about yourself


Growing up in Sweden, I was lucky enough to have great access to publicly funded art which I think had a huge impact on me and helped me understand and interpret the world around me. I’ve since lived in China and the United States where I studied Mandarin, Comparative Literature and Political Science. Throughout my career I’ve worked at The Boston Consulting Group, EMI Music and also ran the public debate forum Intelligence Squared in the UK for five years. My work is now focused on editorial strategy within print, broadcasting and business.   

Why do you think it’s important to see artistic response to social and political events?

I think it is essential that we take our political and social debates out on the streets and into the communities that are directly impacted by the policies proposed. Art is uniquely positioned to make pressing issues more vivid, and the more we can do to promote artists having a dynamic response to political events as they are unfolding around us, the better. 

The Steering Committee

The company directors and panel are involved on an individual capacity, not representing their organisations and on a voluntary basis.

If you are interested in joining the panel in future please email Kathryn Bilyard on with some information about yourself and why you are interested.

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