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Work with ARTCRY to help us support artists with urgent issues.

Help us support artists and/or join us to issue joint call outs. 

Work with us

We are looking for partners to increase the impact of the work we fund and increase the support we can offer artists. 


Work with us by: 

1) Issuing a joint call out or co-commission.

We want to work with organisations who work for change in our areas of interest (below) to issue joint calls outs at vital moments in campaigns and in response to unfolding events. These areas are: 

1. Transparency and accountability in our democracy. Art that engages with our political systems (local & national). 

2. Fight for human rights and equality. Especially art that engages with the UK’s Immigration and Asylum systems. 

Our goal is to increase the impact and support for artists we fund by building connections with those working in these areas on an ongoing basis. We have funding and the structure to turn-around an artist commission in 7 days. So get in touch when you need to respond fast (or before that for more information so you're ready when you do). 

2. Being part of our Resource Bank. When we fund work we want to support our artists as much as possible. We are building a resource bank and we're looking for people/organisations who could volunteer their support. This might be:

  • knowledge or advice on the areas above,

  • legal advice on protest based work

  • outdoor production advice

  • marketing knowledge.

  • Anything else you think would be useful!


We are volunteer and understand this offer might be conditional on your availability at any given moment, especially since we work quickly. All that is ok - if you think you could support, please get in touch. 

Contact Kathryn Bilyard

Together we can make a difference. 

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