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ARTCRY is a new fund for artists making work in the public realm in response to social and political events. We need your help to keep this fund going. 


Please consider donating to ARTCRY today.


We haven't started ARTCRY with a pot of money. It's been started by a group of creatives who saw a gap in our arts funding structures and decided to do something about it because we believe we need the voices of artists to be present at crucial moments in political and social debates. 

We aim to raise £50,000 a year as a grant funding pot. It's significant, but it's not impossible if we come together to make it happen. 

Every single penny counts. Our first £10,000 was made up of donations averaging £87, many of those were £50 and under. Whether you can give £20, or £20,000 ARTCRY is all about coming together to have an impact. 

100% of your donation will go directly to an artist grant and make sure ARTCRY can be an ongoing, deadline free source of funding. 


Find out about the work we have funded so far on our blog

The Bricks 

If you donate at any level we will list your name on the website with a big thank you and we'll keep you up to speed with our grantees activity and the difference your money is making. 

The Beams 

> £500

We will share behind-the-scenes supporters only content for each piece of work created. 

The Cornerstone

> £1,000

Access to behind-the-scenes content plus invitations to events with our funded artists. 

If you would like to get in touch about supporting or getting involved in ARTCRY, or just want to hear a bit more, then please contact Kathryn Bilyard, Director on

Together we can make a difference. 

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Our Supporters

ARTCRY's funding comes mainly from donations from individuals and funders helping us to make this happen. THANK YOU to everyone who has supported ARTCRY.  Our supporters so far are below, so is the DONATE button if you are able to join them in supporting ARTCRY please do.

Special and enormous thanks to Lord and Lady Mitchell for laying the cornerstone with our very first offer of support. It is no exaggeration to say that without your guidance, enthusiasm, and willingness to get on board at such an early stage (before the fund even had a name) we would never have got this far. 

Cornerstone Supporters (£2,000+): Lord and Lady Mitchell, Angela Bernstein, Funding for Social Change Ltd and anonymous

The Beams (£500+): Rosalind Riley, Kieran Hebden, Pollination Project

The Bricks: Gabriel Vogt, Hilary Bilyard, Rachel Millward, Jennifer Bartholomew, Mark Tracey, Ronnie Bartlett, Kate McGrath, Marcus Davey, David Lan, Theatre-Rites, Catharine Melvin, Susan Whiddington, Littoral, Daniel Bernstein, Katherine Osborn, Alan Lane, Nathalie Teitler, Eleanor Roberts, Louise Jeffreys, Natasha Harris, Rebecca Manson Jones, Ann David, Sinead Rushe, Keisha Thompson, Judith Knight, Elizabeth, Susan Murray, Kath Geraghty, Daniel King, Daisy Heath, Jude Kelly, Will Philipps, Elizabeth Philipps, Kaya Stanley-Money, Kerrie Walker, Marina Norris, Pragya Kumar, Kate Wasserberg, Sophie Bankes, Elizabeth Lynch, Adam Harrison, Sue Sandle, Matthew Austin, William Shackleton, Daniel Jones, Jo Woodbridge, Donna Lister, Assis Carreiro, Andy George, Andy George, Ros Philips, E J Gavaghan, Theatre Lover, Polly Gifford, Nicky Crabb, Andrew J. Hurst, Liz Hughes, Jamie Beddard, Julia Hodgson, Natasha Howes, Lydia Higginson, Kumiko Mendl, Manuela Benini, George Forster, Eugenia Low, Kathy Everett, Karen P, Rebecca Byrne, Rod Thomas, Sally Herbert, Ines Tercio, Ross Bolwell-Williams, Angus MacKechnie, Emma Attwell, Melanie, Alan J Stratford, Alex Levene, Matt Bilyard, Dan Jones, Paul Hilly, Alan Elsey, Cris Otto, Lauren Harvey-Dempster, Eileen Evans, Sue, Ankur Anand, Hannah Bird, Holly Leist, Amy Samson, Lilli Geissendorfer, Gillian Harris, Mrs Leanne Austin-Smith, Charlotte King, Christine Rose, Lisa Mallaghan, Ali Pidsley, Tina Turnbull, Rose Tomaszewska, Theresa Beattie, Moira Sinclair, Nkechi Noel, Katherine Joyce and our anonymous donors


We need your financial support no matter how big or small. Join our wonderful supporters now and 100% of the money you donate will go straight to artists. Together we can MAKE IT HAPPEN
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