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ARTCRY aims to encourage artists to create bold political work, with fast-turnaround funding to enable fast action. 

We are re-opening soon! Below is some more information about work we fund. If this sounds like you follow us on social media or sign up to our mailing list to hear when we re-open. 

We support political work with a goal to make change happen. 


The work is time-critical

The reason that ARTCRY exists is to encourage artists to make work which responds to social/political events happening now by giving a decision on applications within seven days. 


Any work funded by us must require an immediate start in order to make it's point.  

All work must happen for free in public space. 

We are looking to support artistic interventions in public space.  Where and how you choose to put your work on needs to clearly connect with the people you want it to reach.

We value work which...

Starts a conversation 

Can startle people with a new point of view

Makes audiences think more deeply

Strives to make an impact

Respects difference

Has a spirit of openness and accessibility at its core.

Is representative 

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