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On 30 November 2020 we opened the fund for applications. We funded our first piece of work, Creative Electric's No Place For Hate on 14 December 2020. Since then we have received over 200 applications, raised over £30k and funded 11 extraordinary pieces of work, supporting 56 artists working to make change.

From protest marches to projections, from hospital lobbies to the seas, from poetry to giant murals ARTCRY has funded work across the country in person and online. It's impossible to know how many people have been impacted, how many people feel impacted when they walk past a mural or hear a poem on the BBC. But from those we can count we know work we have funded has reached tens of thousands of people in the past year.

Now we need your help again because we think ARTCRY needs to keep going ...

“Artcry is a fantastic resource for artists to be able to react to the fast-paced world we now live in. Public funding models for artists do not have the capacity to turn around decisions in-time for an artwork to affect change. We are so grateful to Artcry for giving us the opportunity to create a genuinely effective response to a time-sensitive issue. The whole process, from application to evaluation, was straightforward and accessible. We felt completely supported, trusted and empowered by Artcry.” - Kel Matsena and Ryan Joseph Stafford creators of ONE YEAR ON

We don't have a pot of money, we raise every penny that we grant out. So please help us to keep supporting artists.

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