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ARTCRY is re-opening

Opening for applications on Thursday 23 May 2024

We're thrilled to announce that we're re-opening ARTCRY. Here's a quick reminder of what we're about...

We fund responsive political artwork which has a mission to make change. We make decisions on applications in seven days so that artists can make work in response to what is happening right now. All the work is for public spaces and is free to access.

We are a rolling fund, there are no application deadlines. This year we have two areas of focus for the first time. We want to see applications which address:

1. Transparency and accountability in our democracy:

Art that engages with our political systems (local & national). 

2. Human rights and fighting for equality.

Especially art that engages with the UK’s Immigration and Asylum systems.

We are open to applications on any topic - these are areas of focus, not criteria so if there's something you want to respond to - apply!

Work With Us

Do you run a campaign? Head up a movement for social change? Lead a charity working on these areas? We want to work with you.

We are looking for partners to increase the impact of the work we fund and increase the support we can offer artists. We want to partner with those working in these areas on an ongoing basis to issue joint call outs and co-commissions in vital moments. Is that you? Get in touch on

Meet the new panel!

Decisions are made by a panel of volunteer artists, activists, creatives and producers. Introducing our brilliant panel - Catherine Chinatree, Paul de Gregorio, Georgina Harper, Dijana Rakovic, Dzey Z Smith and re-introducing Chloe Osborne, Shazia Bibi and Kathryn Bilyard who are back for more!


We closed last year to raise money and we are thrilled to be re-opening now with the support of Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Network For Social Change. Thank you for your support.

We are still fundraising. We are looking to create a fund of £20k each year donated by individuals who want to support this work to continue. If you can donate then click this link to find out more. Or to set up a regular donation get in touch with Kathryn Bilyard on

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