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Award 13: Liv Wynter x Toby Evans-Jesra x HATE ZINE

Our 13th grant is made to a poster/zine collaboration with Liv Wynter and Hate Zine, illustrated by Toby Evans-Jesra: A series of urgent ‘know your rights’ inspired posters made for public consumption and distribution to combat increasing state authority.

Liv, Toby and the Hate Zine team aim to educate and empower the public around key pieces of information that can protect them and their communities against increasing state violence and surveillance. Whether this is ‘know your rights’ training, or bystander intervention to be used quickly in the chance of arrest, stop and search, or the witnessing of such activities. This work needs to be made and distributed urgently if we have any chance of making the Police Crimes and Sentencing Bill ungovernable in the streets.

Liv says "This is now a matter of urgency considering that the bill has now passed, and it is a race against time to educate the masses on these political topics. Making knowledge, that can easily feel gatekept or purposefully withheld from the public, accessible to the masses is essential in arming the public with information that can protect them in everyday collisions with the state."

The team will freely distribute risograph posters that combine illustration, and political messaging, designed to inform the public. The posters will fold into zines which again taps into a rich history of DIY autonomous distribution and printed press as a radical art form.

Meet the team!

Liv Wynter is a performer and community organiser in North London, with their heart in South East London. Liv is a notorious club night host and MC, a writer of sold out antifascist musicals and theatre, a drummer and singer in band press.release, and a dedicated organiser against state and gendered violence. Liv has been creating live interventionist art internationally since 2015. They are part of a prolific direct action group, a trainer for CopWatch, and regularly deliver training around the themes of this project. Liv has gone on to cause chaos through both their personal practice and their commitment to antifascist, antisexist, and anti-capitalist organising. Liv spent COVID19 doing support work at The Outside Project, an LGBTIQ+ homeless shelter. Liv is the host for time out award-winning Queer House Party. Liv stands in solidarity with all groups organising against oppression. Quit your job, join a band, start a gang.

HATE ZINE is an independent, anti-capitalist, ad-free publication founded in 2015. Each issue explores politics and social justice through art, photography, interviews, features, short stories and poetry. Alongside the annual publication, they host regular events, parties, fundraisers, zine fairs and workshops.

Toby Evans-Jesra is a self-taught illustrator and musician based in London. Over the years he has developed a unique illustration style, drawing influence from a range of places, from the crude and garish 80's American Hardcore aesthetic to the surreal and contorted visions of Bosch, Goya and Ensor. Toby's involvement with art and music also crosses over with activism in the DIY cultural project Solidarity Tapes (co-run with brothers Aidan and Josh). The project's aim is to platform marginalised voices, strengthen links between culture and activism, and be a space where musicians and artists can stand in solidarity with oppressed groups whilst raising funds and awareness for grassroots groups fighting for migrant, social and climate justice.

Liv and Toby have worked together on various projects, including Liv’s 2021 sold out play, Rise of the Refrain, and on their collaborative grassroots scratch night, How to Catch a Pig, and Other Stories. The two artists share a vision of criticising the state through art.

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