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Award 6: BlackSkin

Updated: May 30, 2021

Blackskin is a spoken word music video from Marcus Balogun in response to the Government's Race Report. Blackskin explores: the wealth gap and social class disparities in our society; stop and search statistics for young Black men compared to the white counterpart; police brutality and death during police custody; an artistic depiction and vivid re-enactment of how videos of Black men being murdered have trended on social media.

Fuelled by his own experiences of racism Marcus created this video in partnership with the Basingstoke Gazette (his hometown paper) to provoke local conversations and make change in his community. You can read more about Marcus' experiences in his own words in this article.

Marcus says - "This video features a young Black man lying on the cold ground by the road, who has been an unfortunate victim of knife crime. There are many metaphors and connotations used as distractions in the video to trigger thought and emotion from the viewer. The video will capture and highlight social disparities and discrimination experienced by Black people in Britain."

The video has reached over 5.5k already from it's release last week! We are really proud to be supporting Marcus in making this work. Let us know what you think!

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