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Award 8: A Dream In A Mirage

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

A Dream In A Mirage is a new film from Silent Shout Collective. A visual silent protest against the challenges that asylum seekers face when they move to the UK exploring themes of solitude, loss, alienation and love.

Silent Shout is an activist interdisciplinary collective committed to creating and curating work that addresses and challenges social injustice, inequality and institutionalised oppression against those that are vulnerable. Based in Glasgow, Scotland.

The title “a dream in a mirage” represents the duality of being silent and silenced.

The inability to speak.


The work is based on real life events gathered from stories and confessions from Iranian and Iraqian asylum seekers interviewed in Glasgow and from the film’s writer Aroo Kurd's own experience going through the asylum seeking process.

"We feel that is important to dramatise these stories rather than present them in a documentary format because we want to reflect these stories in a universal language, directly through the lens of asylum seekers. The film has no dialogue and no faces are shown. With this we intend to break any potential language barrier but also to create a “a poem film” rather than a documentary, even though the situation presented in the film is accurate and real." - Silent Shout Collective

Free public screenings will be held across Glasgow in the coming months. We'll share details of these on our socials @ARTCRY1 @Artcry20 or follow the team on @silentshoutcollective

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