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Updated: Mar 27, 2021

A new large scale collage from Ferg Cooper turned into a flyposting campaign across London in support of ARTCRY's launch. Highlighting misinformation and bombardment of images which focus our public narratives and shape political outcomes.

“I am responding to ideas around the bombardment of visual information our brains are asked to deal with, and the pressure we put on ourselves to stay informed (particularly in relation to the 2020 news cycle)”

"Artcry is important as we are living in an era where most people carry an internet connection in their pocket, through which we are drip fed an endless news cycle and unfiltered outpouring of opinions. Amongst this chaos, art can create a partisan space to inspire thought and conversation, and Artcry gives artists the opportunity to be able to respond swiftly and publicly to an increasingly divisive whirlwind world."

Check out more of Feg's work on and help us to build a new way of supporting and encouraging artists to make work in the public realm on

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