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ARTCRY aims to encourage artists to create bold political work, with fast-turnaround funding to enable fast action. 

We want to fund work which...

Opens up or provokes dialogue and doesn’t close it down

Can startle people with a new perspective

Asks audiences to think more deeply

Strives to make an impact

Respects difference

Can be presented in the public realm, with a spirit of openness and accessibility at its core.

There are only two set criteria in addition to our values above


The work is time-critical

The reason that ARTCRY exists is to encourage artists to make work which responds to social/political events happening now by giving a decision on applications within seven days. 


Any work funded by us must require an immediate start which would count out more traditional funding options.

All work must be presented for free in the public realm

We are looking to support artistic public space interventions. This could be on the streets, in a public space or digitally. This does not mean it only has to be shown in this context, but that is the part we are interested in funding.


We recommend reading our guidance documents or watching the video opposite before applying. 

You can also see examples of the work we have funded. 

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Application process

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You can apply for any amount up to £2,500 as part of our main grants programme, or for our £200 micro-grant, by filling in our simple form or making a short video and uploading it on the form opposite.  

If you have questions please email us on

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We want to make our application process as accessible as possible for d/Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent applicants. If we can support you to apply or make any changes to the process to make it easier please contact Kathryn on

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