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Updated: Mar 27, 2021

In support of ARTCRY's launch ThisEgg with Philippa Hogg in collaboration with the Koppel Project bring you DISMANTLE.

An installation, socially distant pop up performance and film project.

In the window of The Koppel Project, 48 Poland Street, Soho, London 24 hours a day from 21 - 25 October 2020

The original performance was created in response to The Koppel Project needing to evict 70+ artists from its Soho studio mid-pandemic to make way for a luxury hotel development on the site. ThisEgg and Phillippa Hogg created this piece with little to no resources built on a desire to mark this moment and its place in the continuing loss of artist spaces in London.

This brilliant group of people are an example of where responsive funding could support artists creating urgent work so they don't have to pay for it themselves. They will once again take to the window of the Koppel Studio with this film and installation to support the creation of a new, urgent response fund. This fund could exist if we build it together pound by pound. Please support ARTCRY now

The arts in the UK hasn't necessarily ever been, but definitely isn't in the best of positions right now. Particularly live theatre, and the creation of new theatre.

The Koppel Project have recently had to move 70+ artists out of their Soho Studios building in order for it to be torn down to make space for yet another luxury hotel.

We think it is the perfect symbol for CAPITALISM.

​Driven by the need to reignite the importance of human connection, togetherness and community following the time of isolation covid-19 has brought with it, we put together this installation, socially distanced pop up performance & film project.

With an anarchic edge, DISMANTLE filled an empty space with a bit of life, attempting to offer hope and resilience for a moment (before it is gone again).

It was a celebration of a city that is full of art, but, hasn't always looked after its artists.

The Koppel Project, 48 Poland Street, Soho, London 24 hours a day from 21 - 25 October 2020


Project led & produced by: Josie Dale-Jones & Philippa Hogg

Installation by: Camilla Clarke

Costume by: Lydia Higginson

Lighting by: Lucy Adams

Photo's & film by: Camilla Greenwell

Graphics by: Oliva Norris

Collaborators & Performers: Nobahar Mahdavi, Kaajel Patel, Josie Dale-Jones, Hannah Ledwidge, Olivia Norris, Philippa Hogg, Lydia Higginson

Additional collaborators: Carmel Smickersgill

Artist Wellbeing: Lou Platt

With thanks to Camden People's Theatre for lending us their kit.

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