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It's launch day!

Today we are launching the ARTCRY fundraising campaign. We are aiming to make £15,000 in this campaign and we need your help.

Led by artists, this quick-response fund aims to fill a gap in our funding structures with a easy-to-apply, small grants fund supporting politically responsive work in the public realm.

About a year ago now the seed of the idea of ARTCRY started to take root. Society felt more divided and destructive than ever, no-one was listening to each other, the planet was literally on fire, social media is 24 hours, in our pockets, reinforcing our own opinions back to us and the fundamentals of our democracy were being manipulated,

Artists have the power through their creative self-expression and practice to be a beacon, to be a spark, to be a healer, to be a LOUD voice or to hold stillness. Artistic responses can cut through the noise, and we need it.

BUT our funding structures don't support this - there is no fund that supports artists to make work responsively. It's a gap that we can fill by coming together and just doing it. Let's pool our resources, even when they are minimal. Let's get money to straight to the artists who can use it to do brilliant, radical and surprising acts and see what happens.

- Kathryn

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