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LAUNCH ARTWORK: Each and Every One

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Each and Every One by Jo Paul


"On March 5th 2020 the first death as a result of COVID-19 was recorded in the UK. Each person who dies as a result of the virus is a life that matters. Shouldn't each be marked and memorialised? This durational work goes a small way towards doing that. Every thread stretched across the canvas and wrapped around a nail represents a person that died. A friend of mine is remembered amongst the threads.

I continued making the work until the 5th of June 2020, three months after the first UK death. The official UK death toll on that day was 40,261 - though it was thought to be much higher and continues to rise.

The work is heavy and thick with thread, the canvas frame is bowing and broken. The continuous thread is 13 miles long." - Jo Paul


The film from Each and Every One will be screened in the window of the Deptford Lounge on Friday 9 October from 6pm. In total during October the film will play for 11 hours and 18 minutes in public spaces, one second for each life memorialised in Each And Every One. In the face of a second wave, protests from Covid-deniers and pressure to re-open, this piece calls us to remember that behind every number is a life.

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